Saturday, 25 August 2018

Forming the Sheets of Kozo at last

Time so start and emulate Mr Fujimorisan to the best of our abilities.
Compared to my Western style paper making practice there are  few things to learn, the balance of pulp to neri, the substance that helps all the fibres separate and then line up with the shaking and rocking of the suketa ( Japanese mould and deckle)
There are 3 layers in forming a sheet of Japanese paper- even in the thinest sheets.
Transferring the sheets is from the Su straight onto the post with only a ribbon to help you separate them after pressing.
Arris my partner in paper making scooping up 
Take overseeing my sheet forming
everyone gets going Sensai overseeing the finer points
the post with its pretty ribbons
mixing the pulp after adding new fibre and neri

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