Sunday, 26 August 2018

Pressing business paper

Having let the paper post sit under boards with lightish weight overnight then next step was to put it in the big gun press
Big hydraulic paper press at Awagami Paper Factory
Once the water has finally been slowly squeezed out its time to separate the sheets and brush them onto drying boards and then into the drying room to dry
Flicking out a sheet onto the drying board

brushing down onto the board

what do you do while you are waiting fro paper to dry
take some dry paper and dye it (make it wet again!)
Mrs Fujimorisan shows us the way Orizome method
Shibori method
with real Indigo, which is quite smelly but worth it
for the lovely colour
Only limited by your folding technique and dye supply
washing the indigo dyed paper

using our hands to work the dye into the paper  
Of course you could always make a
book using your
paper for the leave and your dyed paper
 for the covers
Sensei demonstrates

Japanese style Binding with Orizome covers

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